The REAL Value of a Financial Advisor

Eric Douglas |



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“If I can manage my own portfolio, why would I pay all the fees for a financial advisor?” 🤔 That's actually… A very good question, one we’re finally going to give you the answers to. A lot of people believe that financial advisors are not an important part of their wealth management team and would rather go it on their own than pay massive fees for ‘portfolio management’ However, your financial advisor is not just your portfolio manager… They are so much more. In this video, we’re going to be discussing all the different ways in which professional financial advisors bring value to your life. Everything from: Aside from these awesome benefits, financial advisors are your biggest defense against capital gains and other forms of retirement fund draining taxes. A good advisor is worth more than their weight in gold… and definitely worth more than their fees in the taxes they'll save you from having to pay.

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